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Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp go down in global outage, here’s what you can do with your time

Most of the world has probably noticed by now that they can’t access their favorite social media outlets.  Rueters is reporting that “Facebook Inc’s suite of apps, including popular photo-sharing platform Instagram and messaging app WhatsApp, were down for tens of thousands of users, according to outage tracking website Downdetector.com.”

Facebook has yet to comment on the official outage. So, what can you do with your time while these apps find a way to come back online? We’ve got a list for you!

  1. Head on over to Twitter! Tweeting isn’t for everyone but it’s a great place to check in and see what’s going on with Facebook, Instagram and What’s App. The hashtag #DeleteFacebook is trending on the massively popular social media site.
  2. Scroll through your favorite Pinterest Boards! Why not head back over to your main staple and scroll through some of your favorite Pinterest boards? We’ve even got a bunch you can check out here.
  3. Consider advertising on Pinterest and Twitter TODAY! Do you own a small business or even a big business? Consider advertising on other social media platforms TODAY, right now. Their engagement will go through the roof with heavy hitters like Instagram and Facebook down.
  4. Head on over to Clubhouse, and chat with us live, on how to survive the social media fall out for business owners.
  5. Go for a walk. Head outside and go for a walk, maybe even a hike. Follow Jarret Ingrama’s advice and grab your kids and head to the park!
  6. Work on your email inbox. Head for inbox zero, and work on getting through all your emails.
  7. Set up your email campaigns for your business! If you have a small business or even a big business, work on your email campaigns. You’ll want to be able to reach your customer base when there’s no way to advertise on Facebook or Instagram.
  8. Focus on your text campaigns for business! Have an active text campaign to connect with your business customers? Text a discount code to your customers today or use the opportunity to connect with people by text.
  9. Catch up on your favorite Podcasts! Head over to Apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your favorite broadcasters and catch up on your favorite shows, or try a new show.
  10. Call us! Take the time and call us at (888) 301- 3465, and let’s do a mortgage review, free of charge. Call us let’s chat.
  11. Call a friend and catch up! Give an old friend a call and say hello! Use the time to catch up with others.
  12. Spend sometime on LinkedIn. Scroll the newsfeed on LinkedIn, message a few friends or share a marketing message to your LinkedIn timeline. There will be more eyeballs there today than ever.
  13. Create a TIKTOK and make your first video.
  14. Research your VA Loan entitlement. Take some time and read about the VA Loan on our website here or go ahead and apply here.

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