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Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation offers Fairway ExpressClose® as a virtual closing solution for our customers. 

Nervous about coming into an office building? Don’t worry. Our team here at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation is providing you with the most efficient digital closing solutions in the industry. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Fairway ExpressClose® has provided an outlet for borrowers to safely close their home loan remotely while receiving the same speed and service for which Fairway is known. No need to come into the office, we can get you taken care of from home!

With us, the eClose process is streamlined and gives borrowers a variety of closing options. These options include a hybrid process that allows for a combination of electronic and wet-sign documents as well as a full eClose option that allows consumers to eSign all documents, including the promissory note, security instrument and notarized documentation with settlement.

“Here at team VA the Fairway, we are excited to serve our customers. We make the closing process as simple as possible,” said Ethan Wilson, NMLS #156741 co-founder of team VA the Fairway. Team founding partner Michael Joy NMLS #120763 adds,  “Fairway ExpressClose® is a great way for us to utilize cutting-edge technology to make the experience for our  customers easy and convenient.”

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