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If you are looking for a really fun and unique experience, then check out the animal encounters at Debbie Doolittle’s in Spanaway. This is actually your last chance for animal encounters as this part of the zoo will be permanently moving to Texas this fall. Debbie Doolittle’s is a privately owned zoo located in Spanaway. There are two different areas of the zoo, the indoor petting zoo and the outdoor petting zoo. The outdoor petting zoo is what’s moving to Texas.

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The outdoor petting zoo is $89 per person and includes 30 minutes with otters, 30 minutes with penguins and 15 minutes with the sloths. In addition to these animal encounters you will get to pet and feed a wide variety of other animals. At checkout you will have the option to purchase a food bucket for $10, I recommend grabbing at least one bucket. We got one bucket and it was plenty for the three of us. You will get to feed kangaroos, llama, emu, mara, wallaby, capybara, binturong and coatimundi. Some of these animals I had never before seen in my life (or heard of for that matter).

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Our personal favorite was the otters. They were too funny and had big personalities. They loved my shiny sandals and toe nail polish. They even tried to climb inside my shirt and around my back, they were so curious! Debbie Doolittle’s does advise to wear close toed shoes and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. They are animals and we got a little dirt on our clothes but nothing that wouldn’t wash out. We also really loved the sloths and the penguins too. There was a baby sloth that was absolutely adorable.

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Included with your visit to the outdoor petting zoo is admission into the indoor petting zoo. The indoor petting zoo is located about ten minutes away and this one will remain open here in Washington. The indoor petting zoo contains capybaras, kangaroos, guinea pigs, bunnies, goats, pigs, birds and small reptiles. The indoor zoo is definitely a bit different of an experience. The space is pretty small for the amount of animals they have and there were quite a few people there when we visited. Our daughter enjoyed holding the guinea pigs and bunnies. If you would just like to visit the indoor petting zoo, prices are $13 per person (ages 2 and under FREE).

View more info and book your animal encounter HERE.

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Written By: Olivia Harrell




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