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Are you new to the Drop-in Social Audio App Clubhouse? The app is a great place to network, learn new things and grow your digital footprint. We’ve gathered the top 10 tips from power users of the growing social media app, to help you find your way around. Although, Tanika Ray reminds us that “As you learn the app you’ll make mistakes. It’s ok. Honestly, I don’t look at them as mistakes, I look at them as learning opportunities.” 

Here the best tips for growing Clubhouse from some of the best on the app:

10. GET TO KNOW PEOPLE BETTER! You’ll meet a whole new community on Clubhouse. Don’t make the mistake of not getting to know people better. Reach out, set up a zoom, and grow your social media connections. Dr. Mina J. Blazy adds, “You’ll meet some really great people on Clubhouse. But don’t trust everyone. Be sure to trust, but verify the new contacts you are making on the app. A great place to start is by clicking the Twitter or Instagram accounts connected to users bio’s. You can even try looking them up on Tik Tok or LinkedIn by name.”

Another rising star on Clubhouse Calvin Ward, founder of the Free99!! Club says, “I’ve meet some incredible people on the app including real estate billionaire Grant Cardone and for T-mobile CEO John Legere. After they stopped by my room, I reached out to them not only to thank them for stopping by, but to ask for feedback on a variety of things.”

9.  DON’T HAVE ROOMS THAT LAST TOO LONG. Forget the 1 hour lunch power hours, try out hosting rooms that are 15 minute educational sessions. Most people create a start time for their room, don’t be afraid to create a stop time as well (and honor it!) “Podcasting is something I just don’t have time for with my busy Real Estate business and team. I love that I can jump on Clubhouse and give a quick 15 minute Real Estate update, then get on with my day” said Realtor Nykole Larson, of NLA Real Estate.

8.  LISTEN MORE. “At first, Clubhouse felt like a talking app. But I realized after some time, it’s often better to listen than to speak. Make an effort to tune in and just listen. There is so much you can learn!” Fairway Loan Officer Malcolm Miller, NMLS#1778886 says. Fellow Clubhouse user Francesca reminds us that “No matter what you do be yourself and be authentic. Sure there are sometimes there are things we can all do better. But you can’t go wrong being authentic.”

7.  FIND YOUR SPOT- YOU BELONG ON THE PLATFORM. Don’t be intimidated by users with tons of followers. There’s room for you, new user with a “party hat” on the app too! Katie Brinkley wishes she used the app more as a new user, “I didn’t utilize that time with my party hat. Use that time while you have it and make those connections. You can ask something silly, or have more fun. There’s more forgiveness when you’re new.”

6. GROUP CHATS ARE GREAT BUT PICK A FEW & LEAVE THE REST. A quickly evolving part of Clubhouse is “back channels” and group chats by moderators, groups of people, club members, etc. These channels can be super helpful but you don’t need to be in all of them. They can become SUPER overwhelming. Pick a few great one’s on Instagram, Twitter, Telegram and Discord, and leave the rest. “Do something similar to the race to inbox zero. Just delete it all and start over” Marketing Executive for team VA the Fairway, Maile Cabral added.

5. SHOW MORE GRATITUDE TO FELLOW USERS. Along your Clubhouse journey you’ll have people that do something for you. They’ll bring you on stage, answer a question, help you solve a problem. Maybe they’ll even ask you to co moderate a conversation or make you a moderator. Loan Officer Suzanne Clark, NMLS# 1717157 remarks, “As these things happen, be sure to thank those that help you and show gratitude. I’ve definitely thanked people along the way.”

4. LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES. Clubhouse is a new platform. Everyone will make mistakes as they onboard to the new platform, that’s normal. What we must do is learn from those mistakes! If you did something and it didn’t work, that’s ok. Make note of your mistake and don’t do it again. Kenner French, Founder of the Tax Club on Clubhouse shares that “I wish I would have monatized sooner. If you wait too long, Clubhouse can be a very expensive hobby.”

3. GO TO  MORE ROOMS THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY. It’s easy to get caught up in talking about business 100% of the time. Try going to other rooms that make you happy. Find a wonderful meditation room, or a good night sleepy room club, music rooms, even game rooms! Clubhouse regular Rebecca Borges shared, “I wish I would have played around in fun rooms. I want to get back to playing fun games, especially Family Feud. Those rooms are a blast!” Travel expert Haley Woods from the popular Girls Love Travel Club agrees, “one of my favorite things to do on Clubhouse from day one was to play tic-tac-toe. You PTR your profile to X’s and O’s and see who wins.”

2. DON’T PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET.  Clubhouse is great, but it’s not the ONLY social media platform out there. There are fantastic drop- in audio platforms out there.  Clubhouse  powerhouse Jon Pierre says, “Get out there and date the other apps. Clubhouse is great, but it shouldn’t be the only one you’re using.”  Look up Twitter Spaces, Racket Audio or Fireside Chat a try those.  Additionally, watch for platforms like Facebook, Telegram, Slack, LinkedIn, Discord and more to launch their integrated audio platforms.

1. DON’T FALL FOR THE CLIQUES- As you use the app, you might start to see the same users running from room to room together. Don’t fall for it! Reach out to all kinds of people on the app and ask them to create or collaborate on something together! 10g Colin, the Bureau Chief of TMZ Washington, wishes he had done this sooner, “I wish I collaborated with others sooner and more often when I first got on the app. I had so many ideas I didn’t execute.  Moving forward, I am going to start collaborating more. It’s never too late.”  Avi Hakhamanesh agree’s, “I was afraid to reach out to people with a bigger following but I should have more often. Now that I have been reaching out, I honestly haven’t heard a no.”

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If you haven’t joined Clubhouse yet, that’s ok we’ve got you covered!  To join, first you’ll need to download the app in either the Apple or GooglePlay stores. It is currently available for both Apple and Android devices. The app is considered to still be in a Beta Test, so it is “invite only” but we’ve got you covered under our club, VA the Fairway. Click here to use our unique invite code. Then, you’ll want to set up a basic bio for your profile, get some tips on how to do that here. Next, you’ll want to find some people and clubs to follow. We suggest you follow Ethan Wilson, co-founder of Team VA the Fairway, Marketing Executive Maile Cabral, and Suzanne Clark, Malcolm Miller, and Rory Agu, all loan officers with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation. 

Don’t forget to follow our club by clicking here.  And the Veterans Network Club, lead in partnership by DP, David Pineda Once you do that, watch for special live events. We’ll see YOU on Clubhouse.

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