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Are you ready to house hunt this summer near Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM)? Not sure what your next steps as a homebuyer are? We reached out to Loan Officer Chelsea Stanton to help walk you through the process. Here she’ll explain the difference between getting a pre-qualification for your home mortgage and getting a Fairway Advantage pre-approval.

“When you are ‘pre-qualified’ it means that based on the information you provided on your initial application it APPEARS you will qualify for a home, but it is much less strong and less certain than a Fairway Advantage Pre-Approval. The difference is that a Fairway Advantage Pre-Approval is actually fully reviewed.” Stanton explained. “Your approval will be run through processing to review credit, income, assets, etc. and is actually fully approved through underwriting with the exception of property related items; appraisal, clear title search, executed sales contract, etc.”

You’ll want to apply for your loan approval prior to home shopping, “the Approval is helpful in many ways, one being that when you are out shopping you know exactly what type of loan and how much of a loan you can have, as well as being confident in the fact that we can also close very quickly once the property appraisal is received.” This way, your Realtor can help you look for homes in your price range exclusively.

Stanton continued, “In an extremely competitive market this truly gives you an advantage against other offers, when your Loan Officer speaks to the listing agent they assuring them you are already fully underwritten and with all aspects of your file verified, it makes your offer look much stronger than a pre-qualification from anyone else!” This is key when homes are selling quickly. To be clear, “essentially a Fairway Advantage approval can compete with a cash offer! Once you have an accepted after you can sit back stress free knowing you did all the hard work up front instead of being stressed and worried up until your new home closes. There are no unwanted surprises with a Fairway Advantage pre-approval since income, assets, credit are all reviewed up front!”

Moving bases and PCS’ing to JBLM doesn’t have to be stressful. Contact our team today for help making your move a little smoother. We’ll help bring you home.

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