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If you are a military spouse and you haven’t heard of Brave Crate yet, you’re missing out! This cute box is a monthly subscription box of goodies, motivation and more for military spouses during deployment.  The box was created for the heroes at home and to help deployments suck just a little bit less.

We found Brave Crate initially on Instagram, and had to check out their cute little package deals. You can reserve a Brave Crate for yourself or someone you love with a monthly subscription.  Or, you can commit and save with a 3-month or 6-month membership! When you sign up, each month you’ll receive carefully curated goodies that inspire you to focus on self-care, personal development and growing your marriage during deployment! Chelsea Stanton, part of the VA the Fairway team mentioned “I love the community they have built. You’re not only getting super fun and cute goodies, you’re joining a community of positive and like minded women!”

Brave Crate

Created specifically for military spouses whom often spend deployment separations counting down to being reunited with their deployed service member. The founder of Brave Crate Becky Hoy says “that’s why each month we send a box of curated self development and personal wellness products that allow our customers and friends to shift their focus away from counting the days and onto setting goals and finding joy- so that she can conquer the deployment countdown and meet their spouse at homecoming as the strongest and most resilient version of herself.” She also said that she loves “spreading love, kindness and joy to this amazing community of women.”

Brave Plus Crate

If you give Brave Crate a try, your box will always include a monthly calendar, guided challenges, online trainings and access to a tribe of motivated women who are rocking deployment too.  “When I saw the April 2019 Brave Crate online, instantly the DIY Terrarium plant by Green Earth Terrariums popped out at me. That is totally something I would love to keep in my kitchen at home or at my office. It’s so cute!” said Suzanne Clark.

 To get your own Brave Crate, click here.  If you order one, be sure to post a photo of it and tag our team at @VAtheFairway and use #FairwayLovesBraveCrate.

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