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Jack Holder survived Pearl Harbor and is about to turn 100 years old

We want to ask our VA the Fairway community to join us in celebrating Jack Holders 100th birthday milestone. He has asked for people to send him birthday cards to celebrate his birthday on Dec. 13th, 2021.

A WW2 Veteran, Jack lives in Chandler, AZ and hopes to receive cards from all over the world.

Jack’s program manager, told Fox 10 Phoenix News that “he is a Pearl Harbor Survivor, WWII Navy Flight Engineer, fought in the Battle of Midway, Guadalcanal, English Channel and Battle of Biscay.”

Here are a few ways you can help Holder celebrate his birthday:

  • Send him a card
  • Spread the word to others about sending him cards
  • Help collect cards from others and send them out
  • Consider having children create cards or draw photos
  • Write a handwritten letter about your own Service
  • Get creative!

Cards need to be sent out no later than Nov. 30.

Please mail the cards to:

Jack Holder 
C/O Darlene Tryon
PO Box 11094
Chandler, Arizona 85248

Featured Image Credit: Jack Holder. Photo by Mark Whitaker. Courtesy of Fox 10 News Phoenix

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