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Entre is a new All-In-One social media platform that allows users to create content, network, and make money from anywhere in the world. They are focused on supporting and helping Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Freelancers so they can thrive in the new “gig” economy. “I tried the platform out and it was great” said team VA the Fairway Marketing Executive, Maile Cabral, “As a platform it is like a cross between LinkedIn, Twitter and Clubhouse.”

According to the companies CEO Michael Mara, Entre is “a new professional network built for the Future of Work. We are focused on supporting and helping Entrepreneurs, Investors, Creators, Freelancers, and the future workforce. As an inclusive platform, we also welcome anyone that wants to create, connect, and grow in a genuine way.” He continued “think of us as the new alternative to Linkedin for anyone who is or wants to be self-employed. We started growing our community through events across the US over the last few years by forming partnerships with Microsoft, WeWork, and other co-working spaces.”

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Sam Primm’s Real Estate Mastermind on ENTRE

Recently, Real Estate expert Sam Primm, of the Faster Freedom education platform, held an “Investing in Real Estate” mastermind on the platform. The audio room hosted by Primm was a professional digital space for real estate investors, consumers, mortgage loan officers, financial advisors and more to come together, learn and collaborate on building wealth through real estate.

The platform is now available on all devices and on a desktop version as well, free of charge at https://joinentre.com. To get the most out of the platform, users can also sign up for Entre Pro, their premium subscription.

“Our platform will help you accomplish your [professional] goals. If you’re just starting out on Entre, you can easily ask questions, get feedback on an idea … and get the support you need from a community of like-minded people. As you grow, you can share your product or service, connect with investors, find mentors, and post jobs to build your team” said Mara.

To join Primm’s next Real Estate Investing mastermind, join ENTRE free, create an account and get your free ticket to the next audio space.

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