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Getting ready for a PCS move is a regular part of military life. You’ll want to start your official moving process once official orders are in hand. Here are some things you’ll want to think about before moving. When focusing on your kitchen consider the following list:

  • Plan your move in advance. Get a journal and make a plan for your move. If you don’t already have one Military.com has a great PCS Guide. Print it out and use it to plan your move.
  • Get rid of things. Go through all of your kitchen items and donate, recycle, and giveaway what you can. Consider your local Buy Nothing group on Facebook to help find someone in need of what you’re giving away. Be sure to also throw away any trash before moving day, so the movers don’t pack it up to your next location. “Trust me! There’s nothing like unpacking at your new home, and opening a box of your own trash” remarked Military Spouse, Kristin Bentley.
  • Have a garage sale. If allowed on your post or in your neighborhood, have a garage sale to pare down your belongings.
  • Get your kids involved. Make preparing to move fun! Give your kids tasks, like helping you empty cabinets. This is a great opportunity to teach them how to decide what to keep, sell, donate, giveaway, recycle or trash.
  • Clear out the freezer. You won’t be able to move frozen goods with you. Make a meal plan a month in advance to eat all the food in your freezer. If you have a deep freezer, the movers typically will move it but you’ll want to clean it out, unplug and unfreeze it. Donate any unwanted food to a local feedbank or give it to a neighbor.
  • Get rid of hazardous items. If you have hazardous items like cleaning supplies, etc in your kitchen you’ll want to get rid of them. Check with your local city how to dispose of hazardous waste. If you can consider donating them, or giving them to a neighbor who might use them.
  • Inventory expensive kitchen items. As you prepare for your move, photograph and document expensive kitchen items that may unfortunately be broken or disappear during your move. You’ll want to photograph and inventory anything of value. Mrs. Navy Mama recommends that you’ll even want to “write down serial numbers for your items […} and keep them in your PCS binder.”
  • Create “open first boxes” for your new home. According to PCS Graders. you’ll want to make sure that open first box includes an “instant pot, paring knife, collapsible measuring cups, your favorite seasonings, measuring spoons, kitchen shears, a can opener and something like saran wrap or bee’s wrap.”
  • Try to have some fun! Moving can be stressful, try to slow down and have a little fun.
  • Need additional resources? Check out Military OneSource for additional help with your PCS move.

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