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Please join us in voting for Pamela Dawn Bolado as the Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year! 

Pamela Dawn Bolado, Candidate for the Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year! 

Our team here at VA the Fairway has partnered with Pamela on a few initiatives benefiting the military community. For  #GivingTuesdayMilitary in December, 2019 we helped Pamela raise clothing donating to deliver to those in Kuwait in need, in partnership Operation HOPE, Inc. Our team gathered warm hats, scarves and new socks for her project! Throughout the project her enthusiasm was contagious, Pamela has a huge heart for serving others. 

Photo: Donations collected by Pamela Dawne Bolado for Operation HOPE.

We also partnered to provide some fun gifts in gift bags for her  Wellness & Wisdom Summit for Women of the Military at JBLM.  Expect to see another fantastic conference from Pamela coming up in 2020 in Washington State- on May 27th & 28th.

It’s not surprise to us that Pamela has been nominated for this award. Here is a little more about her military spouse story:

“Life seems to always have ups and downs. Whether you are a military spouse or not. I was born in Canada 1978, with a cleft lip and with that comes insecurities that you probably wouldn’t understand, unless you are also a clefty. To be honest, it was very difficult to believe others when they would compliment me. I simply thought they were just trying to make me feel better about myself. At 19, I became an Esthetician to make people feel beautiful about themselves, however, I too felt better. I would never take my cleft journey away. It has made me strong and confident over the years. In 2000 at the young age of 21, I married a Muslim man. We met in Canada, moved to London and then in 2001, I moved to Kuwait. I had my first son in 2002, just before 9-11. In 2003, while still residing in Kuwait, the US attacked Iraq. I built a shelter in my home, and amongst the chemical weapon threats and war sirens, I prayed it would pass…and thankfully it did! This was definitely the most anxiety I have ever felt. I lived and worked in Kuwait for nearly 9 years before moving back to Canada. I moved back to Kuwait in early 2015 to work for a hospital and to be closer to my two boys who had gone to reside with their dad. One evening I met this incredibly handsome man at a restaurant on the Kuwait seaside. We soon fell in love, however, I may have loved him a bit more because he also loved my kids. In Feb. 2016, we married and I moved to the US and became a military spouse. It didn’t take me long to understand what that meant in terms of strength. The frequent missions and deployment came quickly. I soon discovered how truly resilient and strong I am. I have felt the insecurities and anxieties before, I knew how to rise through all of it. It wasn’t long after our first pcs that I knew I wanted to give back to my military community. I am now on year three hosting a Wellness & Wisdom Summit for Women of the Military. I am now proud to shout that I am a military spouse entrepreneur!”

It’s time to vote! Register quickly by clicking here to vote for her! Base voting ends February 7 at 11:59pm CST.

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