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We are so proud to announce that our company, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, now employs more than 10,000 team members, including almost 3,000 producers in over 800 branches nationwide. Our team here at VA the Fairway is proud to be apart of this magic. Founded by CEO Steve Jacobson, we are also celebrating our 25th Anniversary!

In 2020, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation funded over $65.8 billion, a record year for the company. The company ranked number three in purchase loan originations in the U.S. in 2020. “We started Fairway 25 years ago as a broker,” Jacobson said. Co-Founder of team VA The Fairway, Ethan Wilson added “Our team is so excited to be growing within the Fairway family. The company has evolved over time and together, helping families is always our #1 focus. Our team is incredibly grateful for all the people we have met along our journey with Fairway and daily we continue to help and support our customers with excellence.”

As a company, Fairway had been ramping up it’s business since 2013. As business expanded, we’ve rapidly been hiring and adding new team members. According to Michael Joy, co-founder of Team VA the Fairway, “Even with all of this monumental growth, we’re still adding to our team. We are excited to mentor and bring in the next generation of loan officers.” If you’re interested in a career with our team, contact Michael Joy, “Across the board we’ve been looking for loan officers, loan officer assistants, operations staff, including underwriters, processors and closers. As the growth continues, our closing time is top of mind with our team.”

As a team, VA the Fairway helps borrowers primarily education on the VA Loan, but also offers a wide variety of mortgage options to help put more families in homes. Together as a company we are known for some of the fastest turnaround times in the mortgage industry. When employee’s join Fairway, they often tell Ethan Wilson, “You know, I wish I had joined Fairway sooner!”

The company shows its support to its employees and teams like ours in a myriad of ways. For example, when people began working remotely at the start of the pandemic in 2020, Fairway spent $16.3 million to ensure employees had workout equipment to exercise at home as part of its robust wellness initiative. “It’s really cool to watch the company give back so generously to their employees,” said Ethan Wilson. Fairway is the largest privately held mortgage company in the country to offer its staff members equity in the form of employee stock option plans (ESOP).

Employees give Fairway top marks for leadership, competitive benefits and a family-oriented work culture. “I can tell you that this company is built on a positive and strong foundation. Things like humility, integrity and the love of competition are important here,” said Scott Jacobs, a loan officer in Washington State. “Our team and our business has always put the customer first. There is not one employee here that isn’t dedicated to make sure a client is taken care of from A to Z. No one works harder than us!”  

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