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Northwest Military Wives Foundation

We wanted to take a moment and thank the Northwest Military Wives Foundation for featuring team VA the Fairway.  Recently, Kristin Bentley published a special, “How VA the Fairway Supports Our Community” highlighting our participation at #AWI2019 with the American Warrior Initiative.  Kristin attended the Lacey AWI Bootcamp and interviewed Sean Parnell.  She was also able to witness team VA the Fairway team member, Michael Mesa, receiving a service dog from Louise Thaxton. Michael’s current service dog had recently retired himself and Mesa was in need of a replacement animal. Ultimately, Michael turned down the gift of the service dog so another Veteran in need could benefit from the gift. “My service dog saved my life, and I want to pass this incredible opportunity onto another Veteran in need” Mesa said.

Michael Mesa recieves service dog VA The Fairway and AWI

Photo: Michael Mesa, Military Veteran, Receives Service Dog Courtesy of American Warrior Initiative

Thanks again to the Northwest Military Wives Foundation for the article and stay tuned for future VA the Fairway partnerships with this incredible organization. 

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