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Team VA the Fairway donating to ten charities at the end of 2021 to benefit military families and Veterans

What are your favorite local or national charities? This year, team VA the Fairway will be making donations to ten charities that serve military families and Veterans, and we’d love your feedback! We’re looking for official 501 (c) 3 and reputable organizations that need a boost.

“Our team loves finding ways to give back to military families and Veterans. Whether its through monetary donations, collecting clothing or other items Veterans or giving back by volunteering our time, we are always looking for ways to contribute” said Ethan Wilson, co-founder of team VA the Fairway and Fairway Branch Manager.

To nominate your favorite charity or tell us about one, comment on our posts here on Facebook, or here on Instagram here. We would love to hear about their mission, why you love them and what we can do to best support them.

Our team will also be making care packages for Veterans and soldiers to be sent out in 2022, with clothing donated by Ethan Wilson. As well as common item requested by soldiers. Have a service member deployed over seas? Send us a message, and we’ll gladly put something together for them.

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