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The Department of Defense (DOD) has allowed Navy Midshipman Cameron Kinley to pursue his NFL career. The Navy had previously denied Kinley’s request to head to the NFL and delay service. President Biden announced on July 6th, 2021 that he is excited for the Navy’s Cameron Kinley to head to the NFL, “Today, I was pleased to learn from Secretary of Defense Austin that he has granted Cameron Kinley’s request to pursue a playing career in the National Football League prior to his service as a naval officer.

I am confident that Cameron will represent the Navy well in the NFL, just as he did as a standout athlete and class president at the Naval Academy. After his NFL career is over, he will continue to make us proud as an officer in the United States Navy.”

Cameron Kinley US Navy Heads to NFL

The following statement was released from the Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III on the NFL Waiver for Cameron Kinley, “Today, I have approved a plan by the Department of the Navy that will permit former Naval Academy midshipman Cameron Kinley to play professional football in the NFL.

This plan will see Cameron enlisted in the Inactive Ready Reserve for the duration of his football career.  Upon completion of his playing time, we look forward to welcoming him back inside the ranks as a naval officer.

In the meantime, we know Cameron will take every opportunity on and off the field to ably represent the Navy and the military to the American people and to assist us in our recruiting efforts. I applaud Navy leadership for finding this way to showcase both Cameron’s athletic prowess, as well as the quality and professionalism of our student athletes and our personnel.”

Cameron Kinley Released to Tampa Bay Buccaneers

“I was just in shock that I was on the phone with the Secretary of Defense,” Kinley said in an interview with the NFL. “But he informed me that he had made the decision to reverse the ruling, and he was happy he made this decision. He said this was the correct decision and that he’s just looking forward to me taking advantage of it.”

An undrafted free agent after graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy, Kinsley signed with the Bucs in May and participated in rookie minicamp. In June, acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Harker denied Kinley’s request to delay his commission.

I was heartbroken. I was speechless,Kinley told ESPN. “I really didn’t know what to think. And then I just realized this was another obstacle on the journey. I knew that this situation was going to make me a stronger person.”

Kinley released the following statement on his instagram:


Buccaneers Excited to Welcome Cameron Kinley to NFL Training Camp

The Buccaneers were previously devastated when Kinley was denied being able to delay service but is now excited to welcome him to training camp. “It’s kind of the mindset that I’ve had since I began playing the game of football,” Kinley said. “You know, don’t let anybody outwork you, and give 110 percent. So I’m excited about it. I definitely have a chip on my shoulder.” During training camp later this month, Kinley will get that shot to prove he belongs.


Good luck Cameron, the entire team here at VA the Fairway is cheering for you! Go get em.

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