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Top 10 Blogs from Dubas Property Group

If you’re looking for some great blogs to read about home buying, home selling, real estate, home maintenance and more we found a great blog for you. Dubas Property Group out of Bothell, WA puts out regular blogs related to real estate, and they are great! Leader of the Dubas Property Group, Matt Dubas says, “Our blog is really fun and is a great resource. We often hear great feedback about it all the time.” 

So, here are our top 10 favorite blogs.

  1. The Risks of Buying A Home With Unpermitted Renovation Work
  2. 5 Best-Kept Strategies To Make The Most Money When Selling Your Home
  3. Debunking 5 Common Credit Score Myths That Many Home Buyers Believe
  4. Should You Renovate or Not? Here Are 3 Things To Consider Before Selling Your House
  5. Between An Existing Home or New Construction: Which Should You Buy?
  6. Top 5 Situations Where You Should Accept the First Offer on Your Home
  7. Home Improvements and Repairs That Add The Most Value
  8. Steps to Make Your Home Eligible For An FHA Loan
  9. How Much Should You Set Aside For Home Maintenance? Factors To Consider In Creating A Budget
  10. 6 Things to Remember When Choosing Paint Colors for Your Home

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