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A group of military spouses have come together and united to create the JBLM Home Girls. Founded by Meredith Knight, Laura Stidham, Sydney Meade, Jessica Dotlich and Danae Romero these women are committed to serving their local military community with compassion, care, and excellence.

“We are military wives who specialize in helping military members and families buy, sell and invest in real estate in the Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) area” said founding member Danae Romero.

Located in Lacey, WA outside of JBLM, this group is also committed to helping incoming military families navigate their new communities. “We know what it’s like to embark on PCS moves every two years. You have to find a new home, new schools, etc. It’s tough and we’re here to help” said Romero.

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Being a military spouse comes with it’s set of challenges, including having to PCS move constantly. “We’ve talked to a lot of families that are new to the area and don’t know where to start. So, we’re committed to being a part of the greater JBLM community and helping them to be a part of it too!” Romero remarked. She continued, “We really want to assist families coming into the area and help make their transition as smooth as possible.”

The real estate team, The Live Well Group, created a free home buyer’s guide that includes a detailed buyer’s map. “Buying a home is a big step. We know home buyers, especially first time homebuyers have a lot of questions. That’s why we created this free guide, so definitely take advantage of it” said Danae Romero. You can download the free guide on their website here.

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In addition to their free home buyers guide, the JBLM Home Girls pride themselves on knowing all of the details of extra curricular activities for kids in the Lewis, Pierce and Thurston Counties, “We are also all moms with kids in school and we know what it’s like to want to find the right activities for your kids” Romero said. She continued “we are more than just a Real Estate resource. We’re happy to share our favorite restaurants, hair salons, dentists our kids go to, museums to visit in the area and more. Whatever helps to make your transition easier.”

Buy a home and make your BAH work for you

Partnered with Malcolm Miller, an outstanding loan officer at the Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation branch in Lacey, WA there is no doubt this crew will make a lasting impact in the military community. “My goal is to work with these military families more on the financial side. I come in at step two in the chart above. Really, I want to help them put their BAH to work taking their hard earn dollars to buy a home.” He continued, “there are so many benefits of a VA Loan that many people aren’t aware of. Like limited closing costs, no pre payment penalties, zero down, no PMI and more.”

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The JBLM Home Girls are the best real estate agents to work with in Thurston County

“This group is such a joy to work” said Branch Sales Manager Suzanne Clark, “every time they come into our office it’s always a good time. I look forward to their visits anytime they come!” She continued, “If you’re buying a home in the Thurston County area, the JBLM Home Girls should be your first stop, there’s no doubt about that.”

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To get in touch with their team, follow them on all social media including FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and #JBLMHomeGirls. Visit their website, or email them at homegirls@thelivewellgroup.com.

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