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Are you looking for a fun way to learn more about the VA Loan option? Join our team on the new Clubhouse audio app. Clubhouse is a new, innovative way to have audio conversations. The app allows you to join conversations and chat with others in real time. Think of it as an interactive podcast. Where you can listen to us speak about the VA Loan podcast style, then jump in and ask questions in real time. Founded by Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth, the app is completely free to join.

To join us, first you’ll need to download the app in either the Apple or GooglePlay stores. It is currently available for both Apple and Android devices. The app is considered to still be in a Beta Test, so it is “invite only” but we’ve got you covered under our club, VA the Fairway. Click here to use our unique invite code. Then you’ll want to set up a basic bio for your profile, get some tips on how to do that here. Next, you’ll want to find some people and clubs to follow. We suggest you follow Rory Agu , Suzanne Clark and Malcolm Miller, all loan officers with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation. You can also follow our club, by clicking here. Once you do that, watch for special live events, where our team gathers to discuss all the hottest news, trends and up to date information in the mortgage industry.

Are you a Real Estate Agent or Broker and want to collaborate with our team on a room? We’d love to! Email our team at vathefairway@fairwaymc.com to request a collaboration.

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For guidance on how to use and grow on the app, check out the top 10 tips from influencers on Clubhouse Drop-in Audio.

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