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Immerse Yourself at the Van Gogh Experience

The Van Gogh Immersive Experience is a travelling exhibit that can be visited across the country and is currently in Seattle. Get ready for a day trip from Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) for this experience.

Military Spouse Olivia Michelle said, “This exhibit is unlike any other art exhibit we have ever been to! It will immerse you in Van Gogh’s artwork and let you see it in a completely new perspective. It was absolutely stunning and well worth the trip!”

This exhibit will be in Seattle through February 26th. View current and future exhibit locations HERE.

Timed entry tickets are required.Tickets range from $41-62 per person, depending if you want general admission or VIP admission. VIP admission includes the virtual reality experience ($15 per person) and a FREE poster. Family and military discounts are available. You can grab a Family Pass ticket bundle for two adults and two kids: $104. Military/student/seniors can purchase a discounted ticket for $29. Children under 4 are FREE.
View ticket availability and purchase tickets HERE.

Military Spouse Olivia Michelle visits the Van Gogh experience with her family.

The exhibit is in Seattle and per current King County mandates a negative COVID-19 test or proof of vaccine card is required for entry for those ages 12 and older. Kids under 12 do not need to show anything. Masks are also required to be worn inside the exhibit.Read the full list of FAQs on their website HERE.

You will have the chance to read about Vincent Van Gogh’s life and what led to him becoming a painter. It was actually really interesting and I had no idea he tried to cut off his own ear (spoiler alert). The exhibit has some really incredible technology that brings his paintings to life. One of my favorites was the flower and vase. There is a giant vase with a projector that paints Van Gogh’s floral paintings across this floor to ceiling space. 

Vincent Van Gogh’s painting “Bedroom in Arles” comes to life with a real walk-in bedroom you can check out and snap a photo in. Several others of his paintings in this room are also 3D but in different ways. Make sure to walk around and view them at different sides to get a different perspective. 

Take a day trip from JBLM to the Van Gogh Experience with Military Spouse Olivia Michelle.

The immersive room is probably the most recognizable part of this exhibit since it is what is shown in the commercials. This show features over ten 360 degree projectors that project Van Gogh’s artwork across the room from floor to ceiling. There are plenty of spots to sit and spread out to enjoy this 30-ish minute video. There are rugs available on the floor and different types of seating including chairs and benches. 

Last but not least, there is a room where you can sit down and color. There are multiple Van Gogh paintings to choose from to make your own and bring to life with small projectors. Another area is the Virtual Reality Experience and is not included in your ticket (unless you purchased a VIP ticket). You can participate in this 15 minute virtual reality session for $15 per person. There is also a small gift shop with Vincent Van Gogh merchandise.

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