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Are you a Native Tribal Member in Washington State, Alaska or Oregon and have questions about using a HUD loan? Our team is not only experts on the VA Loan, but we are also able to help with you 184 specialized loans. Contact us, and we’ll connect you with your 184 specialized loan officer who will review your options and help you throughout the process.

You can get in touch with us securely through our mobile phone app. Here is a wonderful tool for the Native American community to obtain a home loan or refinance for little down and flexible underwriting requirements. Download our FairwayNOW mobile app! Calculates FULL monthly payments, send documents and stay up to date on the mortgage process and your home loan.

Below we have provided links to a list of federally recognized  Oregon and Washington State Tribes.   Each has their own policies on housing including possible down payment assistance.  Don’t see your tribe listed here?  Check the Section 184 Participating Tribes List   If you need help, we are just a phone call away!



If you are not a member of a federally recognized tribe, yet you may have the lineage, you can contact the Bureau of Indian Affairs to apply for certification.

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