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The hott audio app Clubhouse, has made some recent changes and updates that make the app much more friendly and worthwhile for Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Loan Officers. The primary purpose of Clubhouse is to talk and connect with others, in real time. “Think of it as a live podcast with an audience that can engage in the conversation” said co-founder of VA the Fairway Ethan Wilson. “It’s a great place to build new relationships, meet new clients and expand your professional network” he continued.

Today’s app update includes two great ways for people to continue to network with their professional networks built on Clubhouse. Those main two updates are the ability to pin any web link to the top of a room, a new replay function and new analytics featuring total room attendee numbers.

Showcase your links to the top of any conversation

The app can also be used for professional networking. While you’re having conversations, you can now add clickable links to your rooms, to send listeners to your website more information. You could include links to your Real Estate website, your lead generation form, or even your blog.

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Example of clickable links in Clubhouse

Replay your live broadcast

Up until today, Clubhouse has been a live only experience without the ability to replay conversations natively in the app. This could lead to the app being extremely time consuming. For example, if you held a daily “Lunch & Learn” you may not want to host every single day and spend an hour doing it. Now, with this latest update Clubhouse has launched Replays, which means you can now host a 1 hour Lunch & Learn and it can be replayed later in the future.

The official Clubhouse Blog stated: “Replay the full experience. Pin links to a segment. Skip to the next speaker. See who’s joining. Download the source file, and even see total attendee counts!

With replay, a Clubhouse room is much more than a live podcast. It’s a shared space where people gather and community happens. Creators take questions from the room. They share links to the things that the group is discussing. New people discover the room from the hallway and join midway through. Friends talk for hours about all sorts of topics, and the final room looks nothing like it did when it started.

“When we set out to build Replays, we wanted to create something that captures the magic and energy of a live Clubhouse room, in ways that non-interactive audio streams alone cannot.” the apps blog said. They continued, “Today, we’re starting to roll out Replays on both iOS and Android. Think of it as live, but later — and available to everyone.”

Starting today, replays are an optional feature that creators can choose to toggle on or off for any public room. When Replays are enabled, anyone on Clubhouse can replay the entire experience whenever they like. They’ll get to see the same elements of a live room like Leave Quietly, and watch the dynamic of the stage and audience shift and evolve throughout the discussion, including PTRs, mic taps, and all the special moments that only happen here.

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Snip20211108 36

Analytic reports for total room count available now

The Clubhouse blog rolled out the guidelines for their new analytics, “A final thing that we’re excited about with Replays is the rollout of Total Attendee Count. You know what’s almost as much fun as saying you had 20 or 200 or 2,000 people in a room at the same time? Being able to share that 20,000 people joined your room over the course of the day!”

Beginning today, room creators will be able to see (and share) cumulative counts of all the people who came through a room. This number is critical for marketers, brand managers, and creators that need to be able to provide their brand partners the number of listeners they’ve impacted. Replays are starting to roll out today on iOS and Android.

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Clubhouse is a great tool for professional networking

No matter what industry you work in, Clubhouse is a great place for professional networking. Tap into it today, start your own room or join one that looks interesting to you. We’ll see you there!

Join our VA the Fairway team club, on Clubhouse today!

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