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Are you looking for a small update that will make a big impact? Sprucing up your entryway doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming, something as simple as a new coat of paint can give you the fresh, modern look you have been longing for! Plus, if you buy your paint at Lowe’s, they offer a 10% military discount. “The military discount at Lowe’s is a huge benefit for home renovations . We have a Lowe’s super close to our Loan Office in Lacey, WA and we head over there often for all of our own renovation needs” said Kaitlyn Davis, Loan Officer at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation in Lacey, WA.

As a homeowner, almost every inch of you house will require repainting at some point, including your front door. They are a high traffic area, are prone to chipping, require touch -ups and are an easy way to update your curb appeal.

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Kaitlyn Davis’s front door prior to a repaint

Selecting your color shade and which paint to use

All you will need is the paint color (or shade) of your choice, your preferred applicator, and a few hours out of your weekend to transform this crucial space. Loan Officer Kaitlyn Davis recommends “Start by choosing a color that fits the aesthetic and introduces the décor theme of your home. If you aren’t sure which color to select, head to your local hardware store and check out their color cards. If you want to really go next level, you can even hire a color consultant!”

Heading to a paint or hardware store is ideal, but if you can’t you can always start your color search online or hunt for ideas on Pinterest.

Your standard front door will take about approximately one quart of paint. If you have additional or non standard features like a storm door, or extra design embellishments you might need additional paint. A glossy paint is typically the best for outside doors and trim, as it will stand out, and highlight your home. It will be easy to wipe off and clean and will really highlight the features of your home.

According to HGTV, “The most important thing to note is whether you have a latex- or oil-based paint. This is especially important for touchups, as you never want to paint oil over latex paint or vice versa. The type of primer you use also needs to match the type of paint you use (latex or oil-based).”

Don’t worry you can always re do it

Are you striving for a warm and cozy vibe, or do you like a bright pop of color to really boost the energy? “Don’t worry too much about getting the color wrong” says Davis, “you can always re do it if you need to!”

Once you have decided on your shade, make sure your door is ready for the paint to be applied, “You should only need 1 qt of paint to complete your entire project for a standard front door. Apply the first coat using a brush or roller depending on your preference, and let it dry in preparation for a second coat. Once you have applied the second coat, make sure everything is even and you are good to go!” Davis remarks.

The trick is to make sure you don’t apply too much paint. Over do it, and you’ll cause cracking and paint chipping early on. Make sure to wait for a clear and sunny day, preferably when it isn’t raining to complete your task.

Take before and after photos

Have some fun with your project and be sure to take before and after photos! Davis says that ” There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the difference after your project is finished.”

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Kaitlyn Davis’s completed front door project

Not sure?

Not happy with your home and just want to buy a new one instead of fixing yours up? That’s ok too. Did you know that 38% of U.S. homeowners would rather move to another home than remodel their current one? Davis says “If you’re not happy with your current home let’s talk about obtaining your dream home. Whether it’s renovating your current home or buying a new one, I’m here to help you navigate all of your financial options!” Contact Davis here, today to chat.

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