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Project Dynamo helped evacuate thousands out of Afghanistan. Their all volunteer and non-paid team is a private rescue group and is now mapping escape plans to evacuate Americans and NATO allies out of Ukraine.

Fox 13 reported that, “after a month of warning U.S. citizens to leave Ukraine immediately, the U.S. says it will not be sending troops to rescue Americans fleeing the country out of concerns that such military action could escalate to an all-out war.”

As a result, dozens have reached out to his organization asking for help to get out. The State Department told Americans in Ukraine to “depart immediately” on Feb. 12 and President Biden warned days later that there is no scenario in which he would send troops to rescue Americans. 

‘Never leave an American behind’

“There’s a benefit to [Project Dynamo] being made up of a lot of veterans and reserve military members who have experience dealing with these sorts of things, have experience working in special operations or intelligence or specifically exfiltrating people out of dangerous areas,” founder of Project Dynamo told Fox News.

American and NATO allies can request help on Project Dynamos website here, and are encouraged to do so soon as communication disruptions and cell towers are expected to go out soon.

Speaking to the Tampa Bay Times, Stern said “The invasion has started,” on Tuesday, hours before the White House officially declared it.

bryan stern abu dhabi.jpg
Bryan Stern of Project Dynamo awaits a flight from Abu Dhabi to Chicago with the Afghans he helped evacuate. (Bryan Stern)

Speaking to National Review, Stern said he didn’t originally plan to get involved in Ukraine until he was contacted by one of his donors, who has people inside of the country and asked if Project Dynamo could help if needed.

Stern flew to eastern Europe on Tuesday with a colleague, Stan Bunner. Both Stern and Bunner are military veterans. Project Dynamo, which is donor-funded, has twelve volunteers, though only a few head overseas to manage rescue operations.

They are currently in Ukraine now. “We are a 40 minute flight time away by helicopter from Kyiv” said Brian Stern to journalist Angelina Salcedo. Bryan shared his story live, while driving a bus full of Americans out of the country.

Many commercial airlines like Air France and Lufthansa have suspended flights in Ukraine, making leaving even more difficult. This is requiring Stern and his team to get creative to get people out of the country.

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Stern told the Tampa Bay Times that the Project Dynamo team continues to work around the clock.

“We’ll figure it out, we always do,” he said. “This is just a hard problem.”

To donate to Project Dynamo you can visit their official website here, or consider donating in Crypto Currency that can safely be transferred to a region where the banking systems that have been cyber attacked.

thumbnail dynamo ukraine thumb.jpeg
The first wave of Americans and lawful residents who escaped Kyiv on Thursday.  (Project Dynamo)

Featured image: Bryan Stern, founder of Project Dynamo, speaks with Bay News 9 from Ukraine. The organization is helping evacuate Americans. [ Courtesy of Bay News 9 ]

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