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Fall is here, and if you’re one of the many military families experiencing a deployment, it’s a great time to focus on your family and do some fun things together. We asked Military Spouse and blogger Olivia Michelle, what she does when her spouse is deployed. Her family is currently stationed at Joint Base Lewis- McChord (JBLM) and they are making the best of their time here, “Fall is one of my favorite seasons. From the fall leaves, to the pumpkin flavored food (everything you can think of), and the cooler weather, fall has a lot to offer.” She continued, “Use my fall Bucketlist to have some family fun this Fall season. You can do them with your spouse, or even better as a great way to distract your family if your spouse is deployed.”

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Make a day trip to a fun location in your area

  • Visit a Pumpkin Patch
  • Solve a corn maze
  • Pet some farm animals
  • Take family photos at these location with nothing more than a phone, a tripod, and a timer.

Head to a local park, spend time outside and complete some fun activities

  • Take the scenic route on way to your location
  • Take a picture of the beautiful fall leaves
  • Make a list of everything you are thankful for
  • Start a gratitude journal, include your children and have the draw photos
  • Create an easy and fun candy treasure hunt outside
Things to do at home for military spouses at JBLM
Decorating your front porch does not have to be expensive. Real pumpkins and squash make great decorations for your doorstep. 

Create some fun activities right at home

  • Rake leaves and jump in them
  • Bake a pumpkin flavored treat at home
  • Carve your pumpkins into a fun design
  • Roast pumpkin seeds
  • Decorate your front porch
  • Clear out your pantry and donate extra’s to a local food bank
  • Enjoy a pumpkin spice latte

Olivia Michelle recommends, “If a pumpkin spice latte doesn’t sound good to you, try a “Cinderella Latte”. This popular drink is my personal favorite and is half white chocolate mocha and half pumpkin spice latte. The two flavors mixed together are not as strong of a pumpkin flavor and taste amazing!”

Try something new you’ve never tried before as a family

  • Eat a caramel covered apple if you’ve never had one
  • Drink some hot apple cider, or make your own batch
  • Go apple picking
  • Learn to hand knit a blanket
  • Watch a sports game you’ve never watched before
  • Volunteer at or donate to your local homeless shelter

There are many activities for your family near JBLM, to find them ask around, do a quick google search, read our blog or ask local experts, the JBLM Home Girls. Olivia Michelle recommends, “If you are looking for something to do other than a pumpkin patch, Lattin’s Country Cider Mill is a great option. Lattin’s is an apple themed farm in Olympia, Washington near JBLM that offers yummy apple treats, farm animals, and more.”

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