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The COVID-19 global pandemic created vast uncertainty and hardships for many American families, and friends around the world. In response, our company Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation announced that it is was going to double down on charitable efforts through its affiliated non-profit organizations and companywide volunteer initiatives to provide critically important services for local communities and those in need.

In December 2021 our team, friends and families spent an entire day Volunteering together and we donated well over $90,000 in brand new clothing that benefited local organizations that support Veterans. We collected, purchased and organized brand new coats, hats, socks, shirts, jackets, boots and more. Donations were taken to five vetted local 501 (c) 3 organizations. “Packing up and delivering these donations to these outstanding charities as a team, was one of my favorite days of 2021. Everyone worked so hard and we know that our efforts made a huge impact!” said Ethan Wilson, co-founder of team VA the Fairway and Branch Manger at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation.

Team VA The Fairway donates $90,000 to FOB Forward Operating Base
Brand new donations on their way to FOB, Forward Operating Base to benefit Veterans

Fairway Cares Comforts Those in Need

In 2021, Fairway Cares, the non-profit arm of our company provided comfort through the delivery of 2,400 care packages to those who faced a critical illness, sustained physical trauma, or lost a loved one. “Our team has experienced some hardships this year with illness, and losing loved one’s. I am so thankful I am always able to contact the Fairway Cares team and know that they will put together a heartfelt package for someone that needs a little extra love and care on my team.” said Company Top 15 Loan Officer, Scott Jacobs.

Additionally, Fairway supported health care professionals who are directly treating COVID-19 patients. Fairway Cares partnered with a nutritional and well-being company to provide 200 immune-boosting, dietary bundles to these vital, frontline workers. The care bundles were completely paid for by Fairway volunteer fundraising efforts and made available for any Fairway employee’s family member serving as a frontline health care professional.

“As a non-profit that is totally funded by Fairway employees, we work hard to make every dollar count and to maximize the value of the package contents,” said Sherri Anderson, CEO of Fairway Cares. “Each week we have volunteers come to the office to gift wrap some of the items. When people receive these specially wrapped items it adds to the feeling that the gift was specially prepared for them. We had more than 14 volunteers log a total of 610 hours in 2021.”

We encourage our employees to give back to their communities through our Volunteer Paid Time Off program through which teammates can be paid for up to a day’s volunteer work per year. This year our team took advantage of that in December 2021 to prepare our care packages for Veteran charities.

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Teaming Up to Help Veterans in Need

In 2021, our partners at AWI provided 101 service dogs to 101 deserving Veterans, more than double the previous year. AWI assists us as a way to give back to Active-duty Service Members and Veterans. Together with branches around the country, our efforts combine to help fund initiatives for these deserving heroes of America. We’ve raised millions of dollars through employee donations, enabling the organization to provide funding for hundreds of service dogs as well as gift cards to deserving Veterans.

“It’s impossible for any of us to do everything to help everyone! But we can for sure do one thing, and in December 2021 for our team, our focus on was on giving back to Veterans!” said Wilson.

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