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Recently, our company partnered with the Milwaukee Brewers™ to donate a service dog to U.S. Army Veteran Andrew Sievila. The fully trained service dog was made possible by partnering with our non-profit, the American Warrior Initiative. Milwaukee Brewers™ All-Star pitcher Brandon Woodruff invited Sievila to throw the first pitch at the Brewers-Cubs game on Sunday, September 19 at American Family Field in Milwaukee.



Pictured L-R:  Brandon Woodruff, Jonie Woodruff, Willard, Andrew Sievila
Pictured L-R: Brandon Woodruff, Jonie Woodruff, Willard, Andrew Sievila



Sievila joined the Army in 2004 as an infantryman and served in Iraq from 2006 to 2007.  Following his deployment, Sievila was commissioned as a second lieutenant, and he eventually switched careers in the military and became a scout platoon leader.  Sievila was medically discharged from service in 2015 and diagnosed with PTSD.



Sievila describes his return to civilian life as challenging and difficult and said that the feeling of isolation and depression created a lot of irritability and anger outbursts. Fortunately, that has changed since receiving his sponsored service dog, a Golden Retriever named Willard. 



“Willard definitely brings up a lot of peace and joy to my life,” Sievila said. “He’s adorable and very friendly. He keeps me calm and the anger and the irritability that I was experiencing before just hasn’t been there like it used to be, and that brings me a lot of hope for the future. The bond that he and I have already started to develop has been wonderful.”



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Willard on the mound with his human. Image courtesy of the Milwauke Brewers Official Twitter Account.



Our company is based in Wisconsin and is a proud sponsor of the Milwaukee Brewers™. Our company also funds the non-profit American Warrior Initiative that has donated hundreds of service dogs to deserving Veterans and active military members.  “We hope that we get to see the AWI donate 100 service dogs in 2021” said Ethan Wilson, Fairway branch manager and team VA The Fairway co-founder. “Everytime we get to meet one of these service dogs our hearts melt! We are beyond grateful to support the AWI and our nations Veterans in such a meaningful way” remarked Chelsea Stanton, Loan officer and member of team VA the Fairway.



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U.S. Army Veteran Andrew Sievila & his service dog Willard throw the first pitch. Image courtesy of the Milwauke Brewers Official Twitter Account.



A video of the Fairway- Brewers™-AWI service dog donation can be found here. To find out how to support future AWI events and service dog giveaways, contact our team today.


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