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Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation announced today they are committed to making wellness and cardiovascular health a priority in 2020 by providing Cybex workout equipment to employees to use in their homes. 

“As part of Fairway’s wellness program, we know how important working out is for people’s health, especially cardiovascular workouts,” said Steve Jacobson, founder and CEO of Fairway. “As a part of our new normal, we are going to offer this [new wellness benefit].”

This is not the first wellness initiative Fairway has put in place. Fairway has always been focused on employee health and wellness by providing a wide variety of wellness initiatives. These initiatives include body scans, corporate gym facilities with personal training and emotional wellness resources.

In February, Team VA the Fairway participated in #PaintTheStreetRED For American Heart Month raising awareness for Heart Disease.  

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SOURCE Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation via PR Newswire.

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