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Are you ready for a day trip from Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM)? We asked Military Spouse and blogger Olivia Michelle for a fun day trip idea. She said, “Cherry Blossoms are by far one of my favorite bloom seasons in the Pacific Northwest. The University of Washington Campus in Seattle has a huge area of cherry blossom trees and more blooming plants around campus. Its one of my favorite things to do!”

Curious to learn more about the Cherry Blossoms? We pulled together some fun information for you.

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How did they get to Seattle?

1,000 cherry blossom trees were gifted to the city of Seattle on May 8, 1976 by Japan’s Prime Minister at the time, Takeo Miki. They were a gift to celebrate America’s Bi-Centinneal and the friendship between the people of Japan and the city of Seattle. Cherry blossom festivals are traditionally known as a celebration of life. People are encouraged to gaze upon the blooms and enjoy a picnic with friends or loved ones. Click here to read more about the Seattle Cherry Blossom Festival.

When is the best time see the cherry blossoms?

The “Peak Bloom” varies each year depending on weather, and is usually in March/April. Once bloomed you will have a two week window to see the flowers in their beautiful pink and white hues. Current predictions say peak bloom will be March 19th-April 2nd this year. 

Where to see the cherry blossoms?

The most popular spot in Seattle to see cherry blossom trees is on the quad at the University of Washington campus. There is a large concentration of trees here including both pink and white blossoms. You can view a map of the campus and where to find the trees on campus HERE.

Other locations in Washington State to see cherry blossom trees include:

Washington Park Arboretum
Seward Park
Jefferson Park

Kobe Terrace
Seattle Center

Green Lake Park

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