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US Army launches annual housing tenant satisfaction survey

Recently the Army Housing Office released a survey and they want to hear from YOU!

The Army began its annual housing tenant satisfaction survey today to gather feedback about living in Army housing. Survey results will guide the decisions the Army makes about future housing.

“By responding to the survey, every resident will have a voice in how the Army and its partners continue to maintain and improve the quality of our housing,” said Lt. Gen. Jason Evans, Deputy Chief of Staff of G-9, which provides policies, programs, resources and expertise for services and installation infrastructure to enable total Army readiness. G-9 is the sponsor of the survey.

Military residing on bases in Washington State are included and encouraged to participate in the survey.

Washington is home to the following military bases:

An online survey link was emailed from CEL & Associates, Inc. — an independent, third-party company — on Jan. 11, 2022 to more than 110,000 tenants living in privatized, government-owned and government-leased housing on Army installations across the globe. Completing the confidential survey takes about 10 minutes, and tenants have 45 days (until Feb. 24, 2022) to do so.

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Army privatized, government-owned and government-leased housing tenants can rate their satisfaction with services, property and the overall housing experience through the online survey. Feedback will be used by the Army to help maintain a high quality of life for service members and their families.

The Army is investing billions of dollars into transforming barracks and on-post housing at installations across the globe to provide Soldiers and their families with quality, safe and secure housing and a better quality of life. The Army has fully implemented the Tenant Bill of Rights, ensuring privatized housing tenants receive quality housing and fair treatment.

Housing tenants who do not receive the survey notice email from ArmyHousingSurvey@celassociates.com should contact their local garrison housing offices. The Tenant Satisfaction Survey is Office of Management and Budget approved: OMB Control Number 0704-0553; OMB Expiration Date 03/31/2022.

Main image: Army Reserve Soldier with family and friends preparing lunch at home. (U.S. Army photo by Tyler Gourley)

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