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October 8th, 2021 the The Department of the Army announced through their U.S. Army Public Affairs that the 1st Cavalry Division Combat Aviation Brigade’s upcoming fall rotational deployment to Europe.

1st Cavalry Division provides scalable combat ready forces up to an expeditionary division or Joint Task Force Headquarters, capable of conducting Unified Land Operations anywhere in the world on short notice to support diverse and fluid mission requirements.

The 1st Air Cavalry Brigade, which is stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, will replace the 1st Infantry Division Combat Aviation Brigade to support the United States’ commitment to Atlantic Resolve.

“The 1st Air Cavalry Brigade is one of the most storied and combat-tested brigades in our Army,” said Maj. Gen. John B. Richardson, commanding general of the 1st Cavalry Division. “The 1st Cavalry Division stands resolute in its 100th year to provide combat ready forces capable of conducting Unified Land Operations anywhere in the world.”

“Training to fight and win with our European partners builds confidence across the globe in NATO’s combined lethality.” said Col. Reggie Harper, 1st Air Cavalry Brigade commander. “Our team is comprised of the finest combat aviators on the planet. We are trained and ready for this rotation.”

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For more information, contact the 1st Cavalry Division public affairs officer, Lt. Col. Jennifer Bocanegra, at jennifer.j.bocanegra.mil@army.mil or 254-423-6699.

Headline image courtesy of the 1st Cavalry Division official Facebook Page.

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