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The state of Washington has a number of intriguing businesses owned by Veterans scattered throughout. While the majority of them are based in the Seattle area, there are a number of entrepreneurs in all corners of the state with service time under their belt. We love to support Veteran-owned businesses and strive to provide a platform that not only highlights these businesses but gives insight into the stories that make them truly special. In this piece, we have chosen to focus on certified businesses in Washington State. Below are 14 our favorites!

1. Combat Flip Flops from Issaquah, Washington

Out of all the Veteran-owned businesses in Washington, Combat Flip Flops might be the most well known nationwide. It was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, where Mark Cuban took a liking to the pitch made by Veteran Matthew Griffin. We covered Combat Flip Flops in our first blog featuring Ten Veteran Owned Businesses We Love Nation Wide. They were so good, we had to bring them back here! VA the Fairway Loan Officer, Scott Jacobs NMLS# 232479 relies on Combat Flip Flops, “I saw them on Shark Tank and knew I had to get a pair! I am licensed in Hawaii and go back there often. Whenever I do, I bring my Combat Flip Flops to wear on the beach.”

After tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, Griffin came up with the idea of Combat Flip Flops. The concept is simple, as every product means a donation to a put a girl in Aid Afghanistan for Education for one day. That might not seem like much, but it has added up.

Griffin learned that educated women in Afghanistan were much less likely to allow their sons to join any jihadist movements. So Combat Flip Flops is meant to help with footwear and clothing stateside, and peace worldwide.

2.  The Fleming School of Music from Issaquah, Washington

Led by a retired Navy Veteran, the Fleming School of Music serves an invaluable purpose in the Issaquah community. The school offers music instruction for all ages and ability levels. They teach music education that can last a lifetime as well as providing a training program for budding music teachers. Fleming works with local schools to enhance their programs and has become a mentor among the local arts community. Music is not only a vital part of education, it can be a therapeutic way for veterans to deal with the stresses they may face as they come home from service.

3. Western Engineers & Surveyors from Everett, Washington

After serving in the Vietnam War, Ken Long came back to the United States and utilized his education in civil engineering, starting up Western Engineers & Surveyors Inc. The company provides surveying services as well as all civil engineering needs.

With over 40 years of experience now, developers as well as homeowners have utilized the professional skills of Western Engineers & Surveyors. The firm has expanded over the years to have a number of highly skilled and experiences professionals for a number of jobs.

4. Smitty’s Brewing from Bremerton, Washington

Smitty’s Brewing in Bremerton is a Veteran-owned and operated business. In fact, they strive to ensure that 50% of their employees are Veterans! Smitty’s has a mission plan: they merge their production of high quality beer with a wonderful cause. Annually, they donate 5% of their profit to help homeless Veterans in the area! The business was built on the belief that service men and women should give back and assist their fellow service members in need. With approximately 1.4 million Veterans at risk for homelessness, Smitty’s Brewing has found a solid way to help address a real problem! VA the Fairway Loan Officer Peter Lopez NMLS # 332592 said, “I haven ‘t visited Smitty’s Brewing yet, but I look forward to visiting them in the future! I have a food review Instagram and I look forward to visiting them in the future. If I can have a great Beer, for a great Cause, I am all for it!”

 5. Friends of Disabled Veterans from Kennewick, Washington

This unique startup is focusing on providing vast amounts of land for those Veterans in need to enjoy the outdoors a bit more. This business aims to have about 120 acres of land that can be used for camping, hunting, riding horses and plenty of other activities.  Their focus is not only on disabled Veterans, but all Veterans whom will eventually be welcomed with open arms. Brian Moore has a big vision for the company as a whole, and hopes to be ready to go sooner rather than later.

6. Our Forgotten Warriors from Lacey, WA

We have all heard the struggles Veterans go through when getting back into their communities. Our Forgotten Warriors is one of the best in the business in the state of Washington in helping Veterans climate themselves again.

Financial assistance and services are provided for those in need. The focus is also in helping Veterans become extremely self sufficient. For those dealing with injuries that effect daily life, specific opportunities are found for them.

7. What They Signed Up For from Seattle, Washington

This is a unique nonprofit business in Seattle that focuses on telling the stories of Veterans and their experiences. From books to speaking events, the company focuses on helping others find job opportunities when they return home. 

Many people can be inspired and learn something from the stories of a Veteran. However, booking speeches or getting the ability to write can be hard to do alone. Motivation is the key with the nonprofit, and so is helping people share their stories with others.

8. Custom Fit Nutrition from Olympia, Washington

This Veteran-owned business now has two locations, with one in Tenino, WA and now one in Auburn as well. A healthy life starts with a consultation with a dietitian. From there, a legitimate plan that has the chance of success can be put together for individuals.

Custom Fit Nutrition provides all the information and tools needed for a person to get in the best shape of their life. Joy Moorehead has been helping a number of people meet their health goals the last few years. She hopes to continue to make a big impact on the lives of others out there who just can’t seem to get over the diet hump.

9. Cannabis City from Seattle, Washington

Just a few years ago, the thought of a Veteran-owned cannabis business would seem like a made up story. However, a lot has changed around the United States, and the state of Washington legalized its citizens rights to enjoy cannabis recreationally and for medical purposes. Founded in 2014 by Dr. James R. Lathrop, his shop is the oldest Cannabis store in Seattle. Lathrop is a Doctor of Nursing Practice, Entrepreneur, and U.S. Army Veteran of Foreign War (Desert Shield / Desert Storm).

From cannabis ready to roll and smoke to edibles, Cannabis City has something for everyone 21 years of age and older. No medical card is required to shop at the store. (Please note: Marijuana is still banned from use by US Military. Check with your command before visiting this or any Cannabis store).

10. Marwood General Construction from Poulsboro, Washington

Located in Poulsbo, Marwood General Construction is family owned and operated by 2 brothers. They are a certified minority and Veteran-owned business. Marwood has a belief foundation that was learned in the service and reflected in their daily operation. This includes respect, duty, integrity and personal responsibility. As a previous member of the military, they transitioned from serving the country to serving their local community. Marwood General Construction has become a premier provider for concrete finishing work and every phase of site preparation. Learned perseverance has taught this team that no job is too big to handle!

11.  TNT Home Builders from Port Orchard, WA

Port Orchard is lucky to be the home to TNT Home Builders! They specialize in home replacement, remodeling and new construction. As a Navy Veteran, the core values of commitment, honor and courage are incorporated into every aspect of the business. TNT has developed a positive reputation among the community. They are devoted to offering budget friendly service and focus on affordability. The team also uses energy saving features as well as the latest eco friendly products on the market!

12. Veterans Awards, Inc. from Snohomish, Washington

Snohomish is the home to this Certified Service Disabled Veteran-owned business. Veterans Awards provides a unique service to people all over the world. They create one of a kind recognition gifts and awards using multiple techniques such as laser engraving and sand blast engraving. These pieces are crafted using state of the art equipment and then hand engraved for personalization. They also offer mugs and other specialized promotional products. Their logo represents several military fundamentals: duty, courage, honor, community and commitment. 

13. Flexible Staffing Solutions, Inc. with branches in Kent, Seattle and Burlington, Washington

Flexible Staffing Solutions is operated with the goal of creating and maintaining long lasting relationships with their customers. They provide high quality and reliable staffing services for area businesses in a quick and timely manner. With 3 locations in Washington State, this Veteran-owned organization is growing steadily by offering a 100% guarantee on all services, pre-screening all workers and providing 24-hour assistance. Flexible Staffing Solutions has set the bar high when meeting the needs of their customers. 

14. Red Truck Web Design from Seattle, Washington

The bustling city of Seattle houses Red Truck Web Design. This Veteran-owned company assists business owners in creating an amazing first impression with an exceptional company website. Such a website helps gain notoriety, increase profit and drive sales. Red Truck can handle everything in web design from start to finish and offers the lowest price structure in the industry!

Do you know of a great Veteran-Owned business we missed in Washington State? Tell us about them! Send us a note, or tag us on Instagram & Twitter @VATheFairway.

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